Ground Anchoring

The Stewart Drilling Ground Anchoring System offers a unique and versatile tool for designers and builders who are attempting to find solutions for the temporary or permanent stabilisation of natural or man made structures.

The ground anchor can be installed in virtually any type of ground to provide large concentrated forces at precise locations. They can be installed in drill holes at any angle of inclination and can be a monitored and restressed at any time.

The ground anchor transfers forces into the ground by means of a steel tendon inserted into a borehole and grouted to the surrounding material. The tendon is constructed from a number of 12.7mm or 15.2mm diameter super grade high tensile steel strands. The number of strands used is varied to suit the required anchor capacity. For more information about how ground anchoring works, see this informative article. Here

Ground anchors can be generally categorised as soil anchors or rock anchors although the principle of operation is the same. Stewart Drilling Contractors Pty. Ltd. offer a range of permanent and temporary ground anchors to suit most applications.Soil anchors are pressure grouted anchors installed in alluvial material, soil, clays, loose or highly weathered rock.Rock anchors are similar in detail to soil anchors but with at least all the bond length located in rock.

The ultimate capacity of all ground anchors is a function of the ability of the ground to accept the transfer of load from the tendon, the number of strands in the tendon and the length of the bond zone.

Stewart Dilling is a fully Australian owned company which has been involved in ground and structure stabilisation for over thirty years.

Using the experience gained over this period, Stewart Drilling has designed and developed a ground anchoring system eminently suitable for Australian conditions. All components are of Australian design and manufacture.