Stewart Drilling offer a comprehensive range of Excavation & Shoring, Anchorage and Piling Systems, developed to meet the requirements and needs of the most exacting project.

Drawing on our international experience and our vast local knowledge Stewart Drilling can offer a large selection of Shoring systems developed to suit a wide range of applications. The type of Shoring system selected is dependant on a number of factors, such as ground conditions, permanent shoring wall and the standard concrete finish required, temporary shoring and vertical load bearing shoring. All our shoring systems allow for drainage to suit the site conditions encountered.

Shoring methods provided by Stewart Drilling include:

  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Continuous poured Pile and Grout Walls
  • Prefabricated Walls
  • Conventional Timber Systems
  • Integrated Support Systems
  • Temporary and Permanent Shotcrete Walls
  • Chemical and Cementatious Grouting

Stewart Drilling can also provide a complete excavation and shoring package, including concept and design formulated to suit individual requirements.

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